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About ViDoc and MedPass

ViDoc is a company that provides healthcare solutions to many companies and hospitals using its platform EMRIX. Using this it digitizes healthcare and patient documents and categorizes them for easy access on their portal as well as their customer application MedPass. 


  • Very simple and user-friendly application for patients

  • Connects the hospitals and clinics with patient’s smartphone

  • Ready-to-go solution, gives mobile presence in 1 day

  • Can offer configure and offer multiple services

  • Opens a new avenue to engage patients

  • Enabled with a host of features such as Push notifications, service history, payment gateway, camera integration etc

  • Hospital can securely share digitized medical records with patients

  • Patients appreciate the ease of requesting the service

  • Integrated with PayTM and PayU

  • Available on App Store and Play Store

DocCat tool

I was the Project head for their DocCat tool. DocCat stands for Document Categorizer and was a tool that needed to be constructed as they had over 25 million documents that needed to be implemented to automize a process done by 15 employees manually. 

DocCat used an OCR developed with the help of Google's Tesseract API. Furthermore, machine learning techniques were implemented to find keywords and improve the MySQL database which contained the index to segregate these files. The new system that I developed is 120% faster than the manual procedure used before and also saved the company wages for 15 employees doing the task using the previous software.

The DocCat tool was a back-end python developed tool by me with a front end on their server which I made using PHP.

Tools and Platforms

  • We used Python 3 to make the back-end tool.

  • All of the companies files and the index database was stored in a cloud-based MySQL Database.

  • The front-end was developed using PHP.

  • The integration on MedPass was done using Android Studio and XCode.

  • Used the EMRIX API.

  • Used the Google Tesseract OCR and Google Vision API.

Try it out!
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